About me


Wanna know the secret to life?

Don’t complicate it.

Sounds simple, I know…but we grew up in a society that strategically made life complicated.

We were told to want things we don’t need, things that don’t serve us - like unrealistic ideas of perfection and grand materialistic possessions.

I don’t wanna be dramatic, but we’ve definitely been brainwashed.

Guess what tho??? There’s a shift happening!

Maybe you’ve felt it? The world’s becoming more genuine, more authentic, more simple. 

We at Shine Maui truly believe that all you need to look and feel amazing is a lot of self love.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve treats to help you feel special.

Our jewelry and accessories do just that. They provide little moments that help you appreciate yourself for the queen are!

The world is yours. Let your personality shine!