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Shine Maui

Sassy Peacock Stretch Clay Bracelet

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Swirled tones of emerald teal and a slight shimmer is reminiscent of peacock.


Top off any outfit with one of our chunky statement bracelets, and you’ll instantly feel a little more badass!


House made beads and durable gold filled components make our bracelets out of the ordinary and undeniably chic.


Every single clay bead is as unique as you are.

-12mm polymer clay beads

-gold filled 


We do everything we can to make our stretch bracelets last 

-we use high quality elastic

-pre stretch the elastic to compact the fibers, which makes it stronger

-and secure knots inside a bead, sealed with jeweler’s cement 


To keep your stretch bracelet strong 

-avoid overstretching by rolling your bracelet gently over the wrist

-limit contact with beauty and cleaning products

-watch out around pets and kids

-remove before sleeping, swimming, and showering 

The best thing about a stretch bracelet is how easily you can put it on and take it off. We recommend slipping it off at certain times.